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Get practical experience and put your skills to work
Build your first startup.
Increase your chances of finding a job.
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Apply to join the FFWD program to gain access to mentors, investors and a step-by-step structure to build your startup. 

From idea to startup in 6 weeks 
Applications for 2021 are now closed.
Open to all NSW students in and outside of Australia.
Juvylene, Philippines

Being an international student was really hard. Finding a job is really difficult. There’s limited work and they’re always looking for higher qualifications and higher education. This program has really given me the confidence to develop my own ideas which I never thought I could do before.
Kiran, India

I had a startup idea but no idea how to approach it or validate it. FFWD HUB made it very easy. It gave us mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and a pathway to succeed and validate my idea. FFWD has given me a framework to approach my customers. That was really amazing.
Jeffrey, Australia

The biggest challenge by far is finding out what next steps to take. The best thing about a program like FFWD is that you get a support system, as opposed to doing it on your own and having no one to talk to and no encouragement along the way.
How the program works 
FFWD is a mix of content & virtual support. Access our education modules, chat to our mentors and service providers & pitch to potential customers and investors.
The program is free and funded by the NSW Government through Study NSW.
Access our virtual content & forum
Login to watch video content, talk to fellow FFWD-ers and submit your answers to your weekly FFWD challenges. 
Every week, we'll invite an entrepreneur as a guest speaker to tell their story and answer your burning questions. 
Join our weekly virtual meetings 
Pitch your startup to everyone watching 
Get a chance to pitch your startup to potential customers and investors at the end of the program! 
Check out the 2021 FFWD Finalists!
Jason from VidUp
The next Canva of video editing.
Stephanie from Handy Health
All your healthcare needs in one app.
Haircare with a cause. 
Maia from Nubian Roots
Zac from PZL Recruitment
Recruitment with a difference.
Urwah from eMotion
Everyone deserves a good night's rest. 
Kimiyo from WomenCanFly
Find your 'ikigai' with WomenCanFly.
Jim from Tapit
Goodbye flimsy business cards.
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Applications are now closed!
Who is this program for?
This program is designed for students who are currently studying at a NSW education institution. The program is geared to international students but open to all. You can apply alone or as a team. 
Existing startups that want some extra help
Students that are starting their first startup
NSW students that are currently located overseas
Program alumni
See how the FFWD program has helped some of our alumni develop their businesses.
We had a business concept and no idea how to act on it. FFWD HUB introduced all the tools we needed to help us validate our idea, generate more insight and understand our market better. The ‘why factor’ of wanting to pursue our startup is way more evident now after going through FFWD HUB.

Roshan, Indonesia
With the FFWD course, I’ve been able to sharpen my idea. I’m starting to target a particular niche and develop an MVP. The program has helped me to think more specifically, instead of jumping ahead and thinking about all the target markets and features I would like.

Anthony, Indonesia

I finished Week 1 on the very first day! I honestly couldn't take my eyes off the screen after the first lecture. It was so interesting and I learnt so many things. I realised there was so much information I still wanted to know!

Zoe, Mongolia
The FFWD program is developed by Haymarket HQ and is funded by the NSW Government, through Study NSW.

The goal of the program is to support more students to successfully build their startups in Australia, by giving them the tools and networks to do so.

Students or teams can apply to join the program and if successful, will receive free access to the program.
About us 
Frequently asked questions
How much does the program cost?
The program is 100% free!

Can I apply if I've already graduated?
Yes. The program is open to both current students and past students of any NSW educational institution. We encourage you to submit an application.

What are the selection criteria?
The program is open to anyone with or without startup experience. We place particular value on the effort you've put into your application. 

Is this program only for tech companies?
No. FFWD is open to companies of all sizes and industries. However, tech companies may find more benefit from the program.

Will I be able to balance the program workload with my study/work?
Of course! The program is designed for students with busy commitments. The video content is self-paced and accessible anytime and anywhere.
Is this program 100% virtual?
Yes. It is completely online meaning that you don't have to be living in Australia to participate. However, there are also optional offline components later, such as coworking space.

Is this a government program?
No. The program is developed by Haymarket HQ and sponsored by Study NSW.

What is the commitment like?
The online course is self-paced, with approximately 10 hours of video content and exercises. There are also 6 x 2-hour virtual mentoring workshops. 

We understand that students have other commitments and responsibilities. While there is no penalty in skipping a session, we highly encourage you attend all workshops to make the most out of this program.

Who should I contact to know more?
For any questions, email letschat@haymarkethq.com
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